2014 LED lighting will exceed fluorescent lamps in the U.S. market for the first time

  • 2014-05-31


American manufacturer Precision Paragon recently released a survey report about the status of lighting industry, a total of more than 5,000 professionals in the lighting industry received the survey, and result that LED lighting in the U.S. market will firstly exceed energy-efficient fluorescent lamps in 2014.

More than half of respondents believe that energy efficient lighting market grown moderately or significantly in 2013, and there only 20% of respondents in 2012.

Surveyed lighting companies said that in the past few years (mainly since 2010), their annual sales achieved different growth, mainly from 57% to 64%.

63% of companies said its 2013 revenues achieved or exceeded their expectations. And up to 82% of the respondents expect the lighting industry demand will continue to grow in 2014.

Although the fluorescent lamps sales remain strong in 2013, and the respondents said the proportion of using LED lighting products has accounted for 37% in 2013, that means annual growth of LED lighting products is about 8%.

In addition, respondents believe that by 2014, the amount of installed LED lighting will exceed fluorescent lamp for the first time, and take the dominant market.

Based on the above investigations, LED lighting will continue to maintain a high demand for the U.S. market in the future.